How to Register


 This page shows you how to register for the World Retreat.


Follow here the different steps to validate your registration.

NB: All these steps are individual.

If you have any questions about your World Retreat registration.
Please contact us by e-mail at or by phone at +33 (0) 4 74 08 17 24 or +33 (0) 4 74 08 17 91 

For registrations by group (more than 10 people), please contact us by phone at 04 74 08 17 24 – Secrétariat du Sanctuaire d’Ars

On the « registration » page, you will find the reservation module to register your subscription to participate at the World retreat for Priests. (Steps 1 to 5)

Warning !
The “registration” page contains the first 4 steps described below: be sure to validate them before proceeding to step 5.


Step 1) The “World Retreat 2018 ticket” (Needed ticket, already selected by default)
(Registration fee = 300.00 € – See the “Conditions” page to see what these participation costs cover.)
(One registration ticket per registration)

Step 2) Choice of visit
(free, only one choice possible)
You must choose your visit for Saturday, September 29th, 2018.
(Only one possible choice – Warning, some visits have a limited number of places)
NB: You can choose the option “Stay in Ars” if you do not want any of the visits.

Step 3) Choice of accomodation
(each rate indicated is for one night. Quantity = number of nights required, only one possible choice of type of accommodation)
You choose the desired accommodation option from among those offered by indicating the number of nights required in the “quantity” box.
Depending on your arrival and departure date, be sure to count the number of nights required.
See the conditions page for more information on housing benefits.

In case you do not need accommodation, (If you have family or friends who host you), please let us know at the end of the form. (step 5)
Important : Important: If you do not choose one of the accommodation options offered here, you must make your own way back and forth between your accommodation and the village of Ars. (morning and evening)

Step 4) Make a donation

If you wish, you can help financially the Shrine of Ars, by adding a donation of the amount of your choice. (Minimum amount of € 10.00)
Otherwise, you can skip to step 5.
WARNING ! : Check that you have successfully validated steps 2 and 3 BEFORE GOING TO THE FOLLOWING STEPS
Once your tickets in steps 1], 2], 3], (and 4] optional ) are selected, you see the total amount for your registration appearing at the bottom of the page.
then you can click the button :

Step 5) Fill out the registration form 
(Time limit of 1 hour)
Please complete the form completely. All fields marked with a star are mandatory.

Click at the bottom, on the button    to go to the next page.


At the end of the Form, click on   to validate your reservation. (Your total amount is shown in the blue button.)


Step 6) Validation e-mail
Following your reservation, you will receive an e-mail confirming

  • Your reservation for the World Retreat,
  • Your choice of visit for Saturday, September 29th
  • Your choice of accommodation and number of nights.

We invite you to print this e-mail, it gives you your reservation number, as well as all your validated choices.

This booking number is to be reminded at each online payment (In the field “customer reference”) or in the transfer label.

as well as any other administrative procedures with the World Retreat team.


You can choose to pay all at once or until three installments. (see conditions below)

Your first payment must be at least 300 Euros (amount corresponding to the registration ticket)


  • PAYMENT BY CARD ONLINE : (Secure Payment – 3D Secure)
    You can pay online with your credit card (VISA and Mastercard only)
    You can pay by bank transfer via your online account.
    (For more information about the transfer procedure, please contact your bank.)

Download the RIB document (BIC – IBAN) of the World Retreat 2018.

Do not forget to mention your reservation number in the “transfer wording”.

In case of payment in three times, please calculate the amount due for your installments.



IYou can pay in 3 times the total amount due for the World Retreat. (No additional charges – excluding bank charges)

Some conditions must nevertheless be respected :

  • The first payment must be a minimum of 300 euros.. (Amount of the registration ticket)  and made immediately after your reservation.
  • The total amount must be paid in full before August 31, 2018. (Deadline for payments for enrollment validation.)


Step 8) Administrative file of Retreatant
Following this booking and payment (full amount), the “World Retreat 2018” team will contact you by email to request the documents necessary for your registration at the World Retreat. (Constitution of your administrative file of retreatant)

In agreement with the Bishop of the Diocese of Belley-Ars, priests who wish to participate at the World Retreat for priests – Ars 2018 must necessarily provide the following documents: 

  1. Written permission from their bishop or for the religious of their major (for those coming from abroad).
  2. Certificate of entitlement to sickness insurance of less than one year (for priests residing in France).
  3. Copy of the European Health Insurance Card (for priests residing in the European Union).
  4. Certificate of social security cover for 3 months (travel insurance for medical expenses, hospitalization and repatriation with a minimum cover of 30 000 euros) for priests living abroad, outside the European Union.)
  5. The written commitment to return to their country after the World Retreat for those who have a VISA.


Step 9) You receive the official invitation of the Diocese of Belley-Ars for the World Retreat (by mail and by post)
When you have submitted all the necessary documents and information, the World Retreat 2018 team will send you an official invitation to the event.
This invitation is the only document that attests your final registration to the World Retreat, and will allow you to get your badge on the first day of the event.


If you have any questions regarding your registration to the World Retreat.
Please contact us by e-mail at or by phone at +33 (0) 4 74 08 17 24 or +33 (0) 4 74 08 17 91 



Your registration is validated when :

You have made your reservation for the World Retreat. (Steps 1 through 5 validated.) 

⇒ You will receive an email confirming your reservation (with a reservation number in your mail)


You paid the total amount, (payment in 1 to 3 times, matching with your choices of visit and accommodation,
and you have sent all the necessary documents for your administrative file.
(Steps 6 through 9 validated.)

⇒ You receive your electronic E-ticket (PDF file sent by e-mail)

NB: When you arrive in Ars, you will be asked to present :

  • Your electronic E-ticket.
  • An identification card or passport

These documents are imperative for the delivery of your badge the day of your arrival in Ars. 


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